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Liturgical Ministries

Altar SeverAll young parishioners in grades 4 through high school are invited to become Altar Servers. Altar Servers assist the clergy in the performance of all Sacred Ceremonies at the Sunday, Holy Day, and wedding liturgies. All Altar Servers are required to attend initial training sessions before being scheduled to serve Mass. Servers are expected to take responsibility for showing up when scheduled, arriving early, dressing neatly, and serving with the utmost reverence. This is an important ministry that welcomes all who are willing to make this special commitment to serve at the altar of the Lord.

LectorLectors or Readers proclaim the first and second readings at Sunday Mass, and/or first reading at weekday Masses. They also serve as acolytes (altar servers) at the daily masses. Preparatory material helps the lector to prayerfully prepare the readings ahead of time; and to proclaim the Word of God in a reverent manner to the congregation. Lectors also read the Introduction at beginning of Mass and, at times, the intercessions (Universal Prayer). Lectors also participate in various other events when readers are needed.


Music MinistryThe Eucharistic liturgy has a rich and beautiful tradition of music, from Georgian chant and Latin hymns to contemporary music. All of which invites us to full, conscious and active participation. Pope Francis has clearly defined the purpose of music at Mass. He said that it is "first of all a matter of participating intensely in the mystery of God, in the 'theophany' that takes place in every Eucharistic celebration, in which the Lord makes himself present among his people, who are called truly to participate in the salvation realized by the crucified and risen Christ" (Homily at Santa Marta, December 12, 2013). Lifting our hearts to God in liturgy always goes beyond the boundaries of human speech. Thus, liturgy, by its very nature, calls upon the help of music and song to praise to God. In liturgy, it is possible to enculturate the many types of songs and instruments in as much as they enhance the celebration and lead us to focus on God. 

St. James is blessed with dedicated, faithful and talented musicians and vocalists who participate in our music ministry. Our music ministry is director by Jill Russo, who has a distinguished career in liturgical music as well as a family background of church organists. 

Adult Choir
Our Adult Choir always welcomes new members. The Adult Choir generally practices on Wednesday evenings and leads the assembly in song during the 9:00 am Mass as well as the special liturgies throughout the year such as Holy Week.

Contemporary Ensemble
Joe Clark with Jill leads our Contemporary Ensemble at the 10:30 am Mass. This group seeks in a particular way to include more musical instruments as well as a wider range of songs from the riches of our traditions.

Children's Choir
Children in Grades 2-8 are welcome to join the choir. Rehearsals begining on Wednesday, October 12 from 5:15-6:00 pm in the church choir loft. We hope to have the choir sing at Sunday mass twice a month and during Christmas and Easter. Please click below to register your child.

Jill Russo
Directory Music Ministry
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